[36-44] is the working title for one of our first and most daring Non Fiction project for 2012. A previously impossible project about one of Hong Kong's most impressive involuntary cultural landmarks. The infamous Chung King mansions.

It will take a while for us to acquire all the needed material for this project but we've already set reasonable dates and deadlines and this project looks very promising indeed. We started accumulating information about this subject a few month ago and what we have so far is already proving potential far beyond our wildest dreams. This is gonna be a big one!

As we attempt to illustrate and in some ways explain this urban legend, this Hong Kong landmark and glorious example of the Human ability to adapt to any environment. Our ultimate goal with this book project, even though we will most probably not be welcomed gathering information about every aspect of this very interesting project, is to allow you a previously unobtainable, almost forbidden inside look into this majestic example of urban globalization and organized human chaos. We're just convinced that the pure graphic and cultural value of this entity is worth every effort in bringing this mystical place to full focus.

Stay tuned here, in the [36-44] PROJECT section and on at the CAD section for regular updates on this mega adventure!