Deep in the sombre northern scandinavian winter nights, in the darkest corners of its forbidden forest covered lands, there is a mysterious presence. A presence of resistance, an entity of darkness that will resist any and all spiritual invader. Beware he who dares.

Join us as we embark on our darkest and most mysterious new adventure to date. After many compelling fact finding missions in Scandinavia and 4 years of work we are officially set to release this new and mysteriously sombre book project. BLACK, is the name of this new venture of ours, a book project that will not so much attempt to explain this grim phenomena but rather graphically exhibit it's manifestation through the eyes of one of our wonderfully multi-talented collaborators, the great Scandinavian artist, Uncle Allan, who we truly believe to be possessed himself by this very same spirit of darkness.

Our deadlines have been stretched and our work expanded considerebly since we first decided to go ahead with this project but we have finally arrived at the finish line and can now see the fruit of our labour and promise you a heavy and epic finished project with no equal.


BLACK will include 200 pages filled to the brim with some of Allan's best work to date in all his preferred mediums bound as an exclusive, first edition hardcover. From tons of tattoos and drawings to photography and paintings. This project will be as massive artistically as it will be physically.

Regardless of your relationship with Norwegian black metal culture, this book will be so much more than you expect and too artistically impressive to categorize so simply.

Allan's obsession with black metal, turned into such an amazing body of artistic work, is something that will impress all who dare open it.


21x27.5 cm
200 pages
full colour

First limited special edition
(only hardcover edition to be printed)

Once officially released the book will have a cover price of $65 USD


Pre-orders for BLACK will start on Friday the 20th of May.

BLACK will go to press on the first week of July.

BLACK will be released on the 3rd week of July

Pre-orders close the last week of June.

All pre-orders starts shipping the day after they are delivered to us.

As usual, do feel free to write us with your questions about this or any other project: