Set in a fantastic parallel reality, Red Box is the story of two friends, Pat and Oliver, who one day wake up in a Red Box recognizing nothing around them and remembering but glimpses of their previous lives. Follow the adventures of these two unlikely heroes as they try to make sense of their troublesome predicament and embark on a mission to find answers to their many questions.

The story is separated in independent chapters, slowly coming together, following different groups, each with their own agendas, all in some way or another connected to this mysterious red box. An enigmatic and elusive city, an army of Freedom fighters on a abstruse secret mission, the crew of a renegade nuclear submarine on the run, a parallel space between spaces ruled by an otherworldly high priestess, an old family-run private mercenary army lead by an overzealous heiress.

The Red Box saga takes our two protagonists, armed with their unwavering friendship and a bit of good luck, through a complex and unimaginable path filled with a vast collection of unworldly characters and unexplainable events.


ELECTRIC PICK's RB-1 [RED BOX season 1] First Edition

240 pages with 2 gatefolds
21 x 21 cm
Full colour

That's 205 pages of RED BOX + an extra 35 pages of extras
including beautiful extra pages from none other than:

Jesse Smith
Ben Newman
Davee Blows
Tom Haubrick
Uncle Allan
Honkey Kong

ISBN: 978-988-16928-1-8

RB-2 - RED BOX SEASON 2 Chapter 1

ELECTRIC PICK's RB-2 CH-1 [RED BOX season 2 Chapter 1] First Edition

56 pages
21 x 21 cm
Full colour

To be released in January 2017

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