Join the crew of the ES Sword of Damocles, the Earth Intergalactic Expeditionary Force's first ship to Saturn on an epic quest to map the gas giant. Join them on the adventure of a lifetime, from misadventure to near disaster as they discover the many secrets, the unbelievable perils, the Wrath of Saturn.

"An epic journey through a treacherous unknown realm on the edge of oblivion!
Nothing could prepare mankind's bravest adventurers for this expedition."

EPHK's book project (Second in our series of print books) is published as a bound/detachable print book of the same size and format as our previous Kingdom of Wenramen book.

Electric Pick's WRATH of SATURN print book - First Edition

20 bound/detachable prints
15 x 21 cm
Full colour

Limited first edition

ISBN: 978-988-16928-5-6


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