CHROMATOSE -The Cult of Color

This new ambitious project is the start of a new series of books dedicated to contemporary tattoo art and the artists devoting their live's to the cult of colour. An in-depth look at everything and most importantly everyone who make today's "new school" tattoo scene an explosion of style and color.

This series is expected to be a constant work in progress as we have decided to publish each artist independently, one volume at a time, as opposed to a one volume compilation of work. Each book examining in detail the work and words of each of these style wizards of the cult of colour. The key word in this series will be style. Original, bold, solid style that stands out from the rest of the scene. From artists who have paved the way, inspiring many to artists now leaving their indisputable mark and own original style in this continuously evolving scene.

Each artist's book in the collection will be:

23cm x 23cm
Between 100 and 180 pages
And obviously in full colour.

All first editions will be exclusively hard covers (2 variants for special edition copies).
All further editions will be exclusively soft covers.

CHROMATOSE -The Cult of Color PART 1 aka: Jesse Smith

The first in this series of master books will be dedicated to none other than Jesse Smith.
One of the most influential styles in the American contemporary "new school" tattoo world and an unavoidable influence in today's scene.


Expected for release in mid June.

Pre-orders start on January 11th.

There will be 4 different pre-order options (all of which hardcover).

You can expect nothing but the absolute best, as we will dedicate all of our energy to not simply make justice to these style warriors and their scene but rather to become an unavoidable part of it.

Follow us and stay tuned for a lot of news and previews in the weeks to come.

Long live the cult of color.


As usual, let us know your questions: