From worlds far above, freed from an unstoppable ball of fire, the machine man has landed. Nothing can stop it now.

Component is the graphic deconstruction of everything unpublished in EPHK's brain for the last few years. An art book like none other. Printed in Black and White and Red, bound as a massive 400 page mega art brick of pure inspiration, Component is the ultimate ride through Electric Pick's deranged mind. From giant machine men to pretty much everything one can possibly think of, EPHK's first art book project is filled to the brink with revived readapted sketches, roughs, hundreds of finished never before seen pieces, painted, photographed, illustrated, new and old all created or recreated in a tsunami of pure creativity for this new artistic endeavor.

This ultimate artistic explosion of epic proportions promises to kidnap your brain along and change it forever.

ETR: Early Winter/ Christmas.

Electric Pick's COMPONENT art book - First Edition

400+ pages
21 x 26 cm
Black and White + Red

Limited first edition


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